Saturday, 1 September 2012

BlackBerry Windows Phone Pro


We all know that BlackBerry needs to either hitch a ride with someone like Microsoft or come out with a smashing BB OS 10. If we take on the first scenario and pair BB with Microsoft, then RIM’s baby is a magnificent Windows Phone Pro, which has the possibility of including all things good from BB tools and MS Office apps. The potential of the BlackBerry Wind concept sounds too good, imagine the ultimate professional phone bearing the security and agility of BlackBerry along with the competence of MS Office.

One Pen, One Phone


ONE is a mobile phone fashioned as a pen. It hosts a flexible 6-inch display that relies on cloud computing for memory. The design basically satisfies the needs of consumers who are looking for a lighter phone without compromising on the size of the display screen or applications.

Italian Speed Racer


what you are looking at is a concept design introduced by Italian auto dreamers SpadaConcept. The unbelievable part is that it has just been announced this very non-traditional design is actually going into production. I won't bore you with such mind blowing performance details as a zero to 60 mph time of 2.7 seconds, or the fact that this dream machine will sell for around $400,000 US. What I will ask you to notice is the set of balls these designers must posses. Check out the airplane inspired tail, the glass canopy and flush headlights. This thing makes Speed Racer look like a Honda Civic.

Tiny Car Tower of Power


What you’re about to take a look at is a vehicle that may be shorter and more to the point than any car you’ve yet experience. This is the eSetta, inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta, made to be as compact as possible with its intent being set for the car sharing environment across the earth. Will its bright red and yellow accents be enough to entice you to get tiny?

SoberPixels Red Racer

SoberPixels Red Racer could be the next generation of F1 Racing Cars. It’s a futuristic car that blends the aesthetic of F1 racing car and neon-powered engine. Concept is that the body of the car has to be designed extremely low, suitable for indoor racetracks, perhaps that’s why the designer uses white rubber tires. Sleek and sharp lines of the car’s body makes it runs extremely fast. Ready, Set, Go!