Friday, 31 August 2012

Honda Chopper Concept by Pete Norris


We see modders and bikers adorning their motorbikes with whacky features, just to grab attention, on a somewhat regular basis nowadays. These fluent bikes, when they snarl on the roads, make heartbeats stop. Well, if you are already getting goose bumps imagining one, then check out the Honda Chopper designed by Pete Norris that seeks to combine form with functionality.

Honda Chopper has been fitted with long front suspensions, which makes it look quite different. A feet forward seating arrangement will endow the rider with total comfort while riding it. Its handle bars face downwards to ensure easy maneuverability. The designer has always loved the supersonic bike from Return of the Jedi and agrees that he has derived some inspiration from it.

The motorbike has been wedged with a powerful bio fuel engine, which will make it roar like a monster. Apart from this, the wheel hubs come embedded with electric motors. Normally, futuristic vehicles, which have been caked with sci-fi features, don’t rank high on the functionality graph.

Honda Chopper, with a crazy outline, is a practical vehicle and will zoom on the road with the latest technology. Its attention grabbing facade and speedy status are bound to make hearts skip a beat.

Designer: Pete Norris







  1. Whats the price tag on one of these

  2. This reeks of what the 1980s thought the future would look like. It looks like an NES transformed into a motorcycle.

  3. Games Workshop called and said they want their Tau bike back.

  4. ^ I had Cloud's bike from Advent Children in mind.